SocialStorm™ shows you the most happening places around your city in real time. It works by displaying the city's activity on a Doppler-like radar. Press the strike button to check-in with SocialStorm and a bolt of lightning will mark your position! Enough strikes and check-ins from other social networks will create a SocialStorm!

​It’s a natural feeling to get excited about a storm. A storm gets your adrenaline going, just like a fun night out. With SocialStorm, you can become a storm chaser. Instead of thunder, lightning, and rain... there's thumping bass, dance floor lights, and lots of drinks!

Large crowds not your thing? Use SocialStorm to avoid busy areas too.

SocialStorm radar showing an EF2 storm

See the social activity of the city in real time!

SocialStorm app lightning strike

Just tap the Strike button and a bolt of lighting will come down on your location to check you in!

SocialStorm app profile page

Build up your anonymous and secure profile by adding favorite locations and level up by chasing storms.