SocialStorm Support

Privacy: With the current build, all of your location information is anonymous. This means that when you strike (check in) at a location your name/username and photo will not be shared. The only information that is shared (added to the establishment live feed) is your age, gender, and whether you are single. This information is anonymous and is just used to give users an idea of what the establishment is like. Furthermore, please take into consideration that this information is only shared if the user chooses to include it in his or her profile.

Privacy Policy

Availability: Currently, the app is only available for the iOS platform. Most iPhones are compatible. An internet connection is necessary to log in to the app.

How to use in general: SocialStorm is an app intended to show the user where the most popular places around town are. To help this effort users can strike (check in) to their location by pressing the strike button and selecting the nearest location. These strikes will add activity to the radar helping others see where all the fun is!

If users know they will be somewhere later, they may select one of their favorite locations to have a strike alarm post their location any day and time in the future. The "Auto-Strike Alarm" can be found in settings. If the user would rather have a map view than a satellite view, this can also be found in the settings.

To search for a location nearby, just tap the search icon in the upper left section on the radar screen. To center the map on your location, just tap the arrow in the upper left section of the radar screen right under search. To view the hottest locations in the SocialStorm Hall of Fame just tap on the badge icon on the upper right side of the radar screen.

Foursquare integration: Foursquare is an excellent social network that is not part of SocialStorm, but is used for SocialStorm's search, nearby locations, and radar activity features. All the establishments and their additional info is pulled from the Foursquare API.

Logging in: Not all of the info is needed when creating an account with SocialStorm. Pick a username and password you will remember or just log in with Facebook or Twitter. If logging in with one of these social networks fails, make sure to check in your phone's settings under that social network and make sure they allow and have SocialStorm turned on.

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